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JULY 2012

Warm and sunny . . . it's amazing to watch the plants double in size each week now after a cool, wet spring and early summer. Corn has taken off, as you can see below. How high by the 4th of July??

At right, 10 ft tall (and growing!) Sungold tomatoes. The question of the month is how are we going to harvest that upper fruit??

4th of July corn!
4th of July corn!
10 ft tall Sungold tomatoes
10 ft tall Sungold tomatoes! See March update, below, for the same shot 3 months ago!


MARCH 2012
We have been having fun at the Lane County Farmers Market this winter! Its been great to see everyone and share the yummy produce that has overwintered at the farm. See Winter 2012 pictures below. However, we are running out of produce that has overwintered and many of the crops planted this year will not be mature in time to bridge the gap - - something that happens every year, just a bit early this year. In other news, the first plantings of enticing summer goodies are in!
Young Zucchini
Young Zucchini
Young Cucumber
Young Cucumber
As you can see both are planted in black plastic - a technique we are using more this year for weed suppression and soil heat retention. As we always say with a heavy sigh, we couldn't do what we do without the power of plastic.
Also exciting, the first round of tomatoes are planted and looking great! David installed a trellis system in the ceiling area of one of our 200ft houses. Having this permanent structure will save a tremendous amount in labor costs each year. Again as you can see, the tomatoes are also planted in black plastic and have the white Remay - a heat retention cloth waiting to cover them. As the tomatoes grow taller, we will wind the dangling strings around the stem to support their growth and heavy fruit.
Young Tomatoes in the Greenhouse Young Tomatoes in the Greenhouse


The farmers have been enjoying a well-deserved vacation, for which we are grateful. But to tell the truth, there is little rest in this line of work. Recently, we have been harvesting potatoes that overwintered outside and carrots that overwintered in the greenhouse in preparation for the Lane County Farmers Market Winter Market! We'll be at the usual downtown location (8th & Park), starting February 4th and continuing every Saturday from 10am-2pm until the main season Market begins in April. Here are a few goodies you can look forward to!
Chard Collards
Red Cabbage Savoy Cabbage
Red Savoy Cabbage Leeks


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